A Coffee Lover's Adventure
A Coffee Lover's Adventure
A Coffee Lover's Adventure

A Coffee Lover's Adventure

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The Evolution of Coffee
What is third wave coffee? What is nitro cold brew? Journey with us into the wonderful world of coffee, exploring past and present trends and development, and making new discoveries that broaden and deepen your understanding and enjoyment of one of the world's most popular drinks.

The Sensory Experience
This interactive segment provides a brief introduction to the various flavours and aromas that you can find in coffee - by tapping on your senses and challenging them. Be surprised at what flavours and aromas you can actually find in coffee beyond just bitter and sour!

Guided Latte Art @ Open Bar
Our trainer will guide you through the different aspects of being a barista, demonstrating the process from pulling espresso shots to steaming the milk, to pouring latte art designs. Participants are then given the opportunity to try their hand at pouring latte art designs with guidance from our facilitators.

Venue: Funan Showsuite, at the junction of Hill Street and High Street

  • The class needs a minimum of 15 pax to run. Participants will be contacted beforehand to confirm each class. 
  • Full refunds will only be given for cancelled classes where the minimum number of participants is not filled.
  • Refunds will not be given for no-shows.
  • Changing of class dates is not allowed once payment has been made.