Papua New Guinea Single Origin 250g

Papua New Guinea Single Origin 250g

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Sustainably sourced and lovingly hand-roasted and packaged into 250g sizes.

    Virgin Mountain - Papua New Guinea

    • Varietal: Typica & Arusha
    • Processing: Wet processed and dried on sails or raised beds
    • Tasting notes: Blackcurrant, cranberries, chocolate
    • Roast level: Medium

    From Kalinantu, in Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands, a rough road twists through multiple hills, before coming into the Nori Valley. The coffee is called Virgin Mountain due to this unique and special location, where coffee trees nestle along primary forest fringes across fertile slopes, lining the local customary boundaries separating the Kamano/Kafe people and the Gadzup communities.

    Coffee is vital to the economy of Papua New Guinea and provides employment and income for a large percentage of the population. The auditing of smallholder groups by certification bodies such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Utz provides a means of benchmarking quality and establishing best working practices. This, in turn, elevates the value of the country's primary cash crop from commodity grade to specialty grade - which can be transformative and vital to improve livelihoods.